Political Poet

The good old days no longer exist.



Take a moment and hear me as i look back ,/

and comment so I know how you'll react./

Or how many lives my lyrics impact./

Or how many have my back./

the world was a more peaceful place and those were the facts/

i say exactly that,/

how many agree with me and can relate to that?./




We use to roam the blocks until those street lights went on!/

because i knew i'd get my ass beat if i was late from my mom!/

All the kids were out playing tag, skully, or hiding go seek/

man hunt, stick ball, leap frog.....mmmmman i can go on for weeks!/

In my opinion I blame it on technology, and the parents who raised them/

They have no idea what we sacrificed and what those sacrifices gave them./

and that today compared to then is a safe haven./

our veterans we praised them,/

and even though we had it worst our flag was proudly waving./

we were united with differences, it was a amazing./

Now, Their stuck on their phones, mostly always home alone/

the Internet has open doors we've never seen before and has changed their tone!/




When we were kids we were outside and barely ever home./

Chasing the ice cream truck down the block for a ice cream cone./

We would play so hard we would get broken bones./

continue playing with a cast and soon be on our own./

we went out and looked for friends we had no phones./

We remained active we rode bikes with baseballs cards on the chrome./

if we fought it was one on one until one gave up and changed his tone./

We respected what others owned./

far different from today's pictures that are shown./

This is the result of Technology overthrowing our homes/

Technology has made our youth lazy/

funny huh?, well just call me crazy,/

but 20 years from now you'll look back saying look what its made me/

and maybe............../

you disagree but that's not how my parents raise me./

Not a emotional or sensitive little cry baby./

that's why i raise my kids with the knowledge my Mom gave me./


Teaching them you have to earn what you want in life./

Teaching them whats wrong and whats right./

Teaching them there's opportunity in the light./

That their not always going to win and that's alright!/


How to be polite/

despite the loss, and all you may dislike./

How to love and like instead of fight.

and how to defend themselves if they have to fight./

How we are all equal and differences are alright./

Teaching them to shine with the light./

Teaching them about all the risks one takes at night./

and reach for goals and hold on tight./


teaching them to keep faith and reach higher heights./

and to keep on reaching even if its out of sight./

Teaching them if you fall, you rise and its alright./



Teaching them about life!/

and teach them what you can, and help them understand before all goes berserk./

teach them that sometimes the truth does sometime hurt/

Just always be honest with each other and always keep hope/

teach them the truth and all will work./

and last but not least always be a parent first!



  • GON

    You might actually write something good if it were properly informed or if it weren't so hateful.

    • Political Poet

      Thank you very much. Please explain to me what you thought was hateful?

    • Eugene S.

      I'm glad to see this.😁

      • Political Poet

        Thank you hopefully it did not offend you like it did GON. I am just stating facts the way I saw and see them.

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