The man

when we first met 

I craved to find away to 


I needed you for my soul


I needed you touch my mind 

An give me hope 

That life would be better then 

Where I was,

I never knew I could love 


Like I love you 

You gave me worth but that can be a double 

Edge sword 

I gave life to our little world 

I hang on the edge of hope

That the dream I have 

Won't get lost in our fights

The love i have for the man 

Is threaded in my soul



  • Lorna

    Yes its dangerous to give your heart away! Have to keep part of ourselves so we don't get lost!

  • Holdfast26

    Yup it sure is

  • Gabriella

    that was well written.

  • Somerica

    Hmm. I like it, well written.

  • Holdfast26

    Thank you I appreciate it means a lot

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