I wonder what your thinking; is it the thoughts passing through my head?  I wonder what your feeling; I hope it's nothing you should dread.  Are you thinking of me?  Good thoughts or bad?  Are they happy or are they sad?  You make me wonder at times, because it's hard to know what your thinking.  But I know you like a book and it's not hard to figure out what your thinking.  


  • Lorna

    I liked because I lived with someone who "thought" more than he would "say" and I had to constantly figure it out...... which I did and no one else could...... sometimes I'd waiver and think I got it wrong..... but in the end, I didn't.....

    • marlenawood

      I'm glad you enjoyed this love thanks for the compliments ❤️

    • orchidee

      I thought I had thought about something earlier. Then I thought about it again. But I thought I had forgotten it. Then I remembered. Then I thought - why am I waffling on here?! lol.

      • marlenawood

        Lol the mind is a beautiful thing

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