Yea what about love

I never hated love like I do today,
I just have this feelings that won’t go away,
I feel like a car on a road with no destination,
I just feel this way for you no explanation,
and yes I know that your married,
but this feeling is making me 6 feet buried,
your smile and your sweet voice brings me joy,
yet now I sit back and cry like a little boy,
I don’t just need you for one day but forever,
so this goes beyond the physical pleasure,
beyond the fake moment I pretend for,
and everyday I wanted you more more,
what can I truly say I’m deep jealous of the way,
Hafsa why couldn’t you just stay,
but if your hearts wonder and thinks of me,
I will be here waiting for you to be free,
cause everything is meant to be damn,
I just need you to know who I am,
and those three words of been said too much,
hafsa trust me they just aren’t enough,
I can’t count how many times I want to say what was on my mind,
yet I smile said everything is just find,
am I another man who wants what he can’t have?
or will I look back on this one day and just laugh.

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