Holocaust Ending


Just out of time,
To see the end,
To see the world start again,
The devil is dead,
And so am I,
I’m just the angel in the sky.

I can’t imagine the horror all of those people
All due to a short, insane, monster of a man
If I close my eyes, reflect on all the brutal
Images I have seen.
Imagine a bit, I certainly can.

One day soon I won't need to imagine,
Horrors of the past stop by once more,
Denial is just code for someone else's plan,
Someone's hate, violence and war.
Never forget, never forgive,
cling on to memory, hold on to live.

No, never forget!
We must pass down these horrors from
Generation to generation.
It’s not just about the Jewish, Gay, non- pure
Geniside occurs as I type this.
We have to teach our children about what
Hapoened in Germany.
Few to no survivors are still alive.
It’s our responsibility to keep the memory
Of all the life’s lost, and the torture this
Man inflicted upon so many people.
Remember, he was full of Charisma and charm.
Promise the German people a better
Economy, and he delivered.
Let’s keep our eyes open during the
Next few years!

  • Authors: TesniWilliams, Resa Bronstein, Appletree
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  • Finished: April 2nd, 2018 12:30
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