People are like nature, growing and changing, but being destroyed.  People are like animals many different kinds there were, but not anymore.  Only the strong survive.  People are people.  Like the wonderful worlds the world.  Love it, please let's not lose it. 


  • willyweed

    true it's up to us to save or destroy
    great message. MW.....ww

  • Laura🌻

    A beautiful pic, Marlena!
    Such a great message!
    If we take care of nature,
    nature will take care of us!


    • marlenawood

      Thanks love an yes it is a great message for all

    • Accidental Poet

      If Mother nature were to adopt your image, I'd be ok with that. And if all Human life would understand that we don't own the Earth, just occupants while we're here along with other species of the world. We need to preserve Nature and the Earth as much as possible. Great write Marlena.

      • marlenawood

        Thanks love for understanding this along with u all! I love nature an it's so therapeutic to me.

      • Maxine Smith

        Yes hunny, we are who we are, accept it, live it, love it, cherish it.
        Change with nature, be destroyed and regrow stronger, or you won’t survive.
        Survival of the fittest, as this world is this world, so learn to fight for your happiness.
        LOVE this.

        • marlenawood

          Yes ma'am ur right an I'm glad u enjoyed this throughly love thanks

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