Super (dis)like

We are just killing time,

Because you are not my type,

But I guess that is alright,

Because you only want me for a night,

So I am not even really worth a fight ,

Just swipe right and you find another girl you like, 

Oh no I mean super like ,

Which really needs a rewrite,

I know would be a bit fuss,

But I think it would better being called super lust,

Because that is what you feel for her,

You're suffocate her with affection,

Which will quickly turn to rejection,

Because you're looking for perfection, 

She just caught your attention, 

You try and glamourise your intentions,

With pretty words because that way no one gets hurt,

Telling her you're doing her favour,

Showing how a ”real man” can treat her, 

Because your willing to be beside her, 

Because you want to be inside her, 

Your ever so kind,

Donating your time,  














  • Echo Seeker

    So true. Wow. This just described half the guys I know...

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