Suicide Lullaby


Hush little baby,
Don't you cry,
Don't cut your arms,
Don't say goodbye
Put down that razor,
Put down that knife,
It may be hard but you'll win this fight.

Sit down young man,
you'll get no joy,
with that approach,
you silly boy.
Pick up that knife,
Pick up that gun,
Stop being sad, it's time for fun.

But you young lady
you are but a toy
do as the young man says
for you are easy to destroy
by the bullet of a gun
or blade of a knife
now sit back down and be a good wife

Standing at the edge of earth I think of my self worth. Nothing more of it I see as I walk away from reality. I'm sorry for being me. I'm sorry for being a disaster. I'm sorry for being one that has no reason to be someone's every after.

Don't cry,
Just say goodbye
Dear child life isn't fair
They say it does get better
But don't believe those lies
For you know better

Standing alone for a while I thought why? The hate, the sadness of the world weighs heavy on me lord! I feel like he can't hear me so it's sad I don't know why I believe he is there as I stand alone, not even breathing.

“Oh, dear woman.
Hush now!
Stop your silly flood of tears.”
When he speaks, his words are floating
On a wind of fridged air.
He dives, fully armed into your ocean of
Whirling fears.
He pours salt onto your open wounds,
He enjoys the scent of your pain.
When you confront his shameless cruelty,
He tells you,” that you’re insane.”
All you can do is, shut down.
Hide within the confines of your delicate mind.
Searching once again, for a sense of self worth
A reason to carry on, you pray that you’ll find.

Sleep now
Sleep my darling
If this world for you is exhausting
Then lay down and rest
Put your mind at ease
And wish that if the dawn breaks
Everything will come into end

No end, no light. I open my eyes an I have no sight. No sounds, no movement just as much as I am about to lose it. Thoughts run through my mind as a motion picture show. I feel like the only one that feels the world is going so slow, but it is an amazing I can see myself glow.

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  • Nicholas Browning

    I'm really upset that I missed this. For shame!

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