Jeremy Cohen

The Contact List

Scrolling down my contacts feeling as though every few names hold yet another excerpt of "I Did It My Way" that's vivid as yesterday.

Then I snap back to the present only a bit rattled, but each name is less ominous than the ladder. I’m cherishing this period of stability that's devoid of excessive pain.

This seemingly incompatible comfort, cozier than comforters but feels uncomfortable, has me wondering since I feel wonderful...

Will this wonder last?



  • Lorna

    Yes it will! Just go with the flow!

  • Laura🌻

    I agree with Lorna...
    go with the flow, Jeremy!
    You’re in charge! The
    power is within you!
    Feel as wonderful
    as you want to!
    More power to you!
    Nice visual...


    • Jeremy Cohen

      Thank you! Don't worry, I won't!

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