i have these moments
moments where i forget to

something so natural,
yet mechanic and
widely relied upon
and i start to think
what if the whole world
suddenly forgot how to

i realise it
how easy it was to forget
and i wonder
can something
so easily overlooked
be all that important
to begin with

and then
i breathe.


  • ghostrat

    i think this is very beautiful, i think the final section has a very significant impact

    • anon-ii

      thank you. i'm glad you thought so, it means a lot

    • Accidental Poet

      Yes anon, it seems the simplest things in life can be overlooked and taken for granted. And then we come back to Earth (for a while). Thank you for the friendship. Welcome to MPS.

      • anon-ii

        very true, and thank you im glad to be here.

      • Lorna

        Yes - we just have to don't we....... sometimes it seems it would be so easy to stop but it isn't!

        • anon-ii

          it is very deceiving, I find myself doing it all the time and it is such a strange feeling. thankyou for the favourite.

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