Andrew Guzaldo



“In the reflex of love there is enigmatic elation,
That mingles in the face of love,
You may never think that love can hurt so,
That it would always be as strong as it began,

However I fell in love with her as the waves,
Adheres to the sea,
Our hearts adhered as one beating with robust,

Allurement of both were as positive connectors,
As our bodily attire charades softly to the ground,
As the captivation of bliss lays beneath our skin,
Contentment and bliss with the desirable joy between us,

Congenial pleasure as the night slows an our,
Bodies ache with pleasure as trail of kisses elongated,
As in the allured cold chill of the arctic trail and borealis,
Bid make ones blood run cold not we our souls interlocked,

As I thought was true love was not,
It was just ecstasy not love on your part,
As you left and broke my heart prevented,
Me from moving on as your love departed,
I am left with that of Wistful Love”

  By A.G. 03/2018


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