Your Marks

Those lines,

Those wrinkles,

Those scars, 

The ones you’re desperately trying to get rid of. 

You think they show age and weakness and vulnerability, 

So you change yourself,

and hide them. 


But what you don’t realise, 

is those marks make you who you are. 


Those lines on your forehead, 

Show that people have surprised you, 

That you’ve been shocked by both good and bad. 


Those wrinkles on your cheeks,

Show the laughter and smiles you’ve shared with so many people, 

The wisdom and intelligence you’ve past on. 


Those scars,

Those scars, 

Are most important of all. 

They show fearlessness and bravery you’ve had over the in the years, 

Your courage and heroic personality. 


So stop hiding those marks, 

And show them off! 

Because thell always be unique, 

and so will you. 

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