The Everlasting; -- Caramac in Blanc


"Reality is what we pretend is fact! "

-"A Square lapped over the Sun. I saw in the reflection Hades' canals, pulsing like a compass, the instinct spoken aloud by a silhouette now dispersing through transparency, nothing disappearing, for I knew him as the big jawed, unseen always known through my impressions, reactions I claim as the value of reality, value being the principle creating reason, controlled by the unconscious will to create a sense worth dying for; I believe I can do anything, 
Yet I remain listening intently to my death, waiting to create an action worth the value of sense, its transcendence-"

I had to destroy humanity's time-line, caused by expressing my own; 
We create the ideas of time through presence, reflecting in on itself, 
Which does so because it was intellects (Word of Ego)first action, 
Creating instinct, which is God; scientific and religious people are the same, 
No matter what this is the cause and truth, even if one of them is wrong, 
For we are all created from the same pattern of nature, at some point 
In the time we define as reality, though it's basis formed off an inherent pattern 
Which is the meaning we give into understanding (understanding understanding) 
And so this most basic form of understanding reconciliation rests on this concept, 
Allowing us to base reality off the seemingly inherent meaning we give to it as an autonomous function 
And here we see a return to the ego, it's creation, memories from this first moment creates the current
Reality we experience as a trip, this is the nature of memory, of instinct, both remembered and inherited, 
Scientists would even agree to this because it is the practical nature of genes, genes giving value to themselves but in a different form so a new experience is created, because of what these genes hold, 
which is consciousness, mercurial being the general theme attached to it because it is a ‘metallic liquid', 
We can embody concepts, the one we most love and define as ourselves becomes the destined, desires 
Being the microcosm for this basic process, basic process corresponding to sex, core-thought manifesting 
Aspects of our unconscious into reality, equating to a constant experience of bliss; 
Culture is being indoctrinated to be stuck in a paradox, but as a fact, attached to a universal archetype, 
But without ever knowing it, we choose a victimised role, we tell ourselves lies so we can be gloriously 
Saved, if we believe in the actualised lie which is believing nothing only serves one meaning 
(Meaning being the essence, existence reflected, thus you, instinct, of creating potentialised versions 
Of reality, allowing to see the infinite possibilities but not with the compulsion to attach): 
Resulting into you becoming enslaved to the unconscious and its seemingly arbitrary desires; 
Nothing becomes God, the cause of our destiny, which is our fate, the value of our life 
Before Death, death being made by God also for he is the plateau where all potentialities exist, 
‘rational intellectuals', the new atheists can't regress further than corresponding a father 
Or mother imago to this image as a cause rather than a result of the cause, attaching an image 
Of gender significance, gender being a fluidity of consciousness due to mercurial meaning 
Which allows us to embody forms, forms being meaning created by language, of which our 
Ego is composed from, a significance placed upon the pattern creating experiences of love, 
Where as some are totally robotic, artificial for they lack a will to change, to evolve and develop, 
They're too scared to face due to the benefits of having pride —; — this can have no effect by having a ‘leap of faith' 
Which is essentially believing in love, which is why we remember things 
So love can reflection on love reflecting on love, this is the Ego, 
And so a New Thing is created, which is us, able to view it all — 
Now this means we just created it consciously, unconsciously, 
Ascending, Transcending, everywhere you go you're lead to the Self; — 
To the Ego defining the main recognisable aspect of ourselves 
Which is what we believe is core, believing in nothing is a core, 
Core being your freedom, your creation, which is inevitable; 
Anyway, glance your head to April, the most basic kind of fool, 
In a series inside a pool, expanding from the blackness of your eyes
Which created a question and refined our self through the answer 
Not realising we were the very paradox which created ‘something else', 
The first action negated by zero, which is expression; 
The basis of expression is zero, it is nothing…

"I am more than, and by, zero through knowing, negation is a reflection of meaning which lies on my recognition of patterns, and the golden ratio I force it unto, swivelling to ecstasy and ecstasy, 
What is as timeless, as eternal, imminent and transcendence, than ecstasy, the present moment 
Full indulged upon"..

My eyes burned. 
Nordic curtains dropped, dissolving to brown sugar. 
Barely watch able presenters found themselves naked in the Sun, 
A new eternity arrived, and arrived, and arrived, even though we think we survived
Knowing every ‘known' aspect of who we believe we are — 
I believe I am infinite, I know I am for I know infinity, the creator of cosmic infancy. 

The pupils learned. 
Bulging from the crystallising stem of marigold panels, 
Crunching bullet-thumps echo from unwanted focus, 
Tracking the stared-at-wall to blank, blank, the silence 
Between the audience understanding machines creating reality 
And the airy poison of the true significance of eternity in solitude. 

"Gaze on, rhythms mock you, gaze on, gaze on! …. 

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