I'm Sorry

I'm sorry I'm a burden

I'm sorry that I'm sad

I'm sorry that I cry a lot

I'm sorry that I'm mad


I'm sorry that I mess up

I'm sorry that I fail

I'm sorry that I'm like a lost pup

Afraid of my own tail


I'm sorry for everything I've done

I'm sorry for being a mess

I'm sorry for not being the perfect girl

I'm sorry for being less


I'm sorry that I apologize all the time

I'm sorry I'm not enough

I'm sorry for being who I am

I'm sorry for being me


If I could change something about me

It would be everything

Because I'm just a waste of space

I do not belong


I'm sorry I'm not who people want

I'm sorry I'm a disgrace

I'm sorry for having so many God damn flaws

I'm sorry for breathing


I'm sorry for living

I'm sorry for being born

I'm sorry for seeing

I'm just sorry


I want to know what it feels like to be loved

I want to feel arms around me

I want to be embraced by the one who really loves me

I want to be someone different


I'm sorry for being so insecure

I'm sorry for being needy

I'm sorry you had to meet me

I'm sorry that I'm drowning

I'm just so sorry.


  • Resa71

    Honey, please don’t misenterpet what I’m about to say.
    Stop Appolizing!
    Love who you are.
    As far as “ Feeling arms around you “

    Feeling loved
    The feeling often passes

    • Cynthia

      thank you

    • Lorna

      I'm with Resa here..... you are obviously going through a bad time but you have to realize we all have to learn to love ourselves - and it isn't always easy. You sound very lovable to me! So a big hug for you today..... you will find love - but don't put all your hopes into other people - don't lose yourself!

      • Cynthia

        thank you

      • Carmine Branco

        I agree and it's what I've been telling you all along. Love yourself. There is no one more important than you and if you love you, who cares about anyone else.

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