No more

I only wanted you.  That's all I ever asked.  Why is it I'm always left and just have loves of the past?  They always hurt me.  I always cry.  Then a few years later I find another guy.  He always hurts me.  I always cry.  But out of his arms, I'm just tossed aside.

No more shall there be.  No more sorrow, hurt or tears.  I can't feel any love, for someone who just gives me tears.  No one shall hurt me like the last has, this boy.  No one shall own me.  That's my joy.  Free to do as I please.  No kind of bonds.  No more promises made because of love.  

No more nothing.  I spit out the words, for this fish won't get caught in another fishes hook. 


  • Accidental Poet

    Great expressions of what you're feeling Marlena. Do yourself a favor, put love on the back burner for a while until you're ready to love again. Love the Easter photo.

    • marlenawood

      My thoughts exactly an thanks for the compliment xx

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