Angie B

Put Together Again

Life became ceramic,


So I smashed it,

melted it down.

Molded it together, 

as if the pain never existed. 

Made into a new form, no cracks to show any difference...


Life is still ceramic.

But this time,

when I threw it down,

I had decided I was tired of being made into a new form,

from only the same broken pieces to me this was not sound.


I adopted new ways. 

Put life together,

using gold to seal the cracks and gold to replace missing pieces.

I created a beautiful treasure,

more valuable than the previous form I was in.

I decided not to make a new me as if the pain didn't exist,

but to use it to create more valuable beauty.


You see I been through the fire once, 

and became a whole new structure.

But I needed more value, to be more than my pain I suffered.

Life kept on getting cold and hard, through the process, I'm all too familiar.

So I recreated beauty in what life is.


For it's not the life you have but,

what you make of it headed towards the terminus. 


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