Edward Charles McDevitt

Our \\\"Ides\\\" of March (Acrostic)

On March the 29th, in the year of '52,

Ushered in the birth, of our cousin Sue.

Rarely does it happen, yet 4 years to the day,

Instead of a birth, Grandpa Ozmun passed away.

Despite consequences, 10 years on that date,

Even Grandma Ozmun, passed through Heaven's Gate.

So every 29th of March, we all hold our breath,

Once again a birth, or will it be a death?

For us it was sadly, an Aunt to us did die,

My Aunt Babe passed, joining her Sister in the sky.

As you can see it's hard, as we anticipate,

Rareties like these, on that horrid date.

Could it be something, like a wicked curse?

Hopefully not because, things can sure be worse!




  • Goldfinch60

    Very strange set of circumstances. Good Acrostic.

    • Edward Charles McDevitt

      I'm glad you enjoyed this Acrostic poem. With today being the 29th, you can probably guess what kind of mood I am in.. My thoughts go way back to the day and how stressful it was.. Thanks Goldfinch for reading and your comment as well. God Bless..

    • Laura

      Strange indeed!
      Wish you all the best for today...
      the 29th of March!


    • Suresh

      If I could I would, make the month of March only 28 days.

      This solemn writ, with droplets of pleasure

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