On the inside


It started as a nice evening, well constructed to the bone,

You even played ambient music, to get us in the zone.

I met you by swiping right, mindlessly on my phone,

And we spoke almost every night, until our need to meet had grown.


You spoke with velvet tones, a gentleman through and through,

My every thought was stuck on you, like paper thrown on glue.

You listened to my stories, not only the good, the bad,

Said you loved how I confided in you, me feeling safe made you glad.

You even cooked for me, to a Michelin star degree, and with every passing moment, I was convinced you were the man for me.


You cuddled me on the sofa, you played with my hair, and just being in that moment with you made all my worries disappear into the air.

Your blue eyes pierced me, ripping at my soul, and speaking quite frankly, I’d never felt as whole.


But then you took that away from me, you stole it all away,

And left me full of fear, regretting that very day.

You ripped at my clothes, as if they were on your back, repeatedly whispering in my ear “ why don’t you just relax.”

My buttons they burst open, and covered the hard wood floor, the whole time this was happening, I just focused on the door.

I couldn’t even stop you, couldn’t bring myself to try , the only thing I could do is pray, and hope and cry.

And now my bump is showing, but how can I boast with pride? When I know who’s genes are in me, and just what could be growing on the inside.

  • Author: G F L (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 28th, 2018 17:25
  • Comment from author about the poem: Nothing I've personally gone through, but inspired by the repeal the 8th movement in Republic of Ireland where my other half is from, and all the ladies who have to flee to other countries for safe and lawful abortions, not that it should take being violated to be given rights. #NoVaginaNoOpinion not my strongest of poems, but wrote very fast as I was feeling inspired after reading a blog on illegal abortions in Dublin.
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  • Nicholas Browning

    The world is filled with horrors. Personally, if I ever met someone who had done something like this I would do a lot more than punch him in the face. Splendid poetry, however dark.

    • WildMoonChild

      Thank you!
      Me too, if there was anything worse than murder I’d do that 🤔 x

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