That Eerie Hill

Step by step,
your weak in the knees,
feeling unappreciated,
to put our soul at ease.
As your forced to walk,
with that cross on your back,
people spit on you,
rather than cut you slack.
People yell,
and people laugh,
as you reach the top of the hill,
with sand in your back.
They tied you down,
and put nails in your hands,
and in your feet.
You were a beaten man.
There hung,
The King of The Jews,
with a crown of thorns,
around his head,
he hung for me and you.
The thief next to him,
made fun of his name.
While the other thief knew,
Christ wasn't to blame.
A man who knew no sin,
bore the world's pain.
He had nothing to be ashamed of.
Yet he felt nothing but shame.
Of course more happened,
during Christ's time on that eerie hill,
and then just like that,
It was finished.

Step one, step one
It was finally done
Everyone is panicking
They think that he’s gone
Maybe he is
But just for a bit
And with one quick trip
down to the pit
To pick up the keys
That were already his
He would return back to his body
after a few days
With confidence as a victor
He rose from the grave
He hid in plain sight on the walk to emmaus
To see and to hear what the people were saying
He appeared to sweet Thomas
Who was alarmed and disheveled
Saying touch my hands and my feet
This will not be the last miracle you see
I will ascend to the heavens
But I will still be with you
My spirit will rest here
Then I will return too soon
Because This is only step two!

Step three more times to get back to work. I rise like a sun as it sets in the sky. Full of life and full of love, for that one day is here but the next step is near. Some look so dumbfounded as some looked amazed by my presence is glowing upon each face. GRACE IS GLORY to all the faithful humanity and the wicked turns their heads as they are unholy. Sounds of thunder rolls though the land as he steps into the next step it's three and he shall stand.

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