Liam Lawless

F*ck it I give up.

Drugs don't do Fuck all,

I try and stand against the storm

I fall, I fall, I fall.

My body aching:

Limbs ripped and fucking torn.


I carve my flesh

With an old rusted knife

Is this a test?

Is this a fight?

What the fuck

Is this life?


I paint on a smile, and it

Washes away, my flamboyant 

Act is all just a play.

Draped in gold and silver

And more

Dressed up as i walk through the door

So they never see,

The fears and tears.

The real dark, drugged up me.



  • marlenawood

    Very intense read. Brings back memories of the days when I was running with my best friend the devil. He walks around me til this day but it's ok no need to go play

  • kitcat

    Wow! I can imagine that is what it is like, quite chilling, loved the way you wrote it Excellent

  • Salem_B911

    That’s deep. Definitely sounds like you’re going through a lot. I love the read.

    • Liam Lawless

      Thank you, honestly this was from past memories, I feel so much better than I was. I'm in a good place now.

      • Salem_B911

        You’re welcome. That’s definitely good to hear. I just posted one that I wrote in the past too that I came across on my notes. It showed me how we can eventually get to a better place over time.

      • Syd

        I love the emotion in this write. I can also relate.

        - Syd

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