Disrespectfully nice


She was young just a child

Living fast and living wild

When she met a man that caught her eye

They exchanged numbers and met up that night

Not wasting seconds no time to think

Off come the clothes she's so pretty in pink

She throws his head between her legs

She's so forceful and doesn't beg

She takes control and he absolutely likes it

She's young and horny and doesn't fight it

But what he doesn't know is about her past

How a family member used to grab her ass

Objectify her and make her feel useless

Looked her dead in the eyes and keeping her quiet with a finger to get lips

She had no choice but to follow rules

No one believed her as she told the truth

No help from family with this affair

As he violently ripped off her underwear

Years passed and she felt like shit

Like she needed men for her to feel legit

One after the other just so she could feel attractive 

She was slowly turned into a nymphomaniac

So many doubts about herself

She kept a razor blade on the shelf

To cut into the pain she felt

She felt relief when she began to bleed

Until one night she cut too deep

The blood rushed and wouldn't stop

She lost to much and then she dropped

Looked up at the light on the wall it's odd

She thought she saw the face of god

Until her vision turned to red

Coming slowly she was sure to be dead

Living on earth was just too much to handle

She finally closed her eyes and met the devil


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