Where are you from?!


Alabama is where I live. Born an raised by parents who are hippies, flower children an old souls. Grateful for the things they did for us siblings and loved life like it was our last days. Poverty, struggling, starving and etc. I never did complain about a thing as I seen happiness in my scene.

I'm from the heart. Iowa is where I made my start.
Waves a green, plenty of trees, corn, cows, hornets and bees.
Small farm town, quiet inner city.
From the wealthy farmland, to the dirty gritty.
Only child raised without pitty.
I'm as dysfunctional as the next
But my homeland will never be vexed.

I'm from Long Island, N.Y, suburbia metropolis, home of the docks, concreted mazes of blocks flustered of drug spots,harbored glocks and pigon flocks,sunny summers, snowy winters, rum swigging bums swindeling, their haven is the train station neighboring bodegas. Fiends hawking the prowling dark for big green schemes amidst the beautiful ugly city.

Born and raised in the USA
On the shores of the Massachusetts Bay
Scituate my hometown
Where I grew up by the ocean sounds
Was married for three years
Living in Middleboro with silent tears
Now on the edge of Cape Cod
I'm a survivor by the grace of God
But I'm also here on MPS
Writing of my life's experience

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