Carmine Branco


Oh why doesn't the pain leave me be?

Why do my thoughts not abandon me?

On my face not a spontaneous smile

has for so long ever carved a line

as to lift my soul above this bottomless

pit of despair and pathetic lies.

I wear my mask so no one can see

the abominable creature trapped inside of me.

I close my eyes to hide my faith,

like the ostrich it's head before a perilous enemy.

I am whatever they want me to be.

I see whatever they want me to see.

I am the cry of silence, so deep and imperceptible.

No one can hear, no one knows it's there.

I am a foe to the many, a failure to the most,

a useless hazard to some, an underachiever for someone.

I am....No I was! A creature of creation, come

to this earth like everyone. 

With a need for love, for shelter and acceptance.

I bare no bundle of strength nor power,

no thirst for conquest, nor greed to gather.

I've done my sentence and paid my dues

to mankind's selfish deity of pitiless doom.

I ask, now, to be given leave

from this dwelling of shallow hearts,

to take my place amongst those who have past.

I bid my farewell to those that shall want,

to the meek I have served and the humble whom 

I cherish and are everlasting light.


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