I’m Human, A being and I exist,

On planet earth a small world on the far edge of a distant arm in a remarkably beautiful spiral galaxy, alone in the depths of a universe so timeless and large it’s truly beyond my limited conception.

Meaningless and forgotten I hold no power or control over the events that shape and form it, as unbending and uncaring it carries me along its cosmic pathway, like a piece of flotsam, atop an ocean.

These things I cannot control, nor would I try to, I just am.

A human, a being and I exist,

On planet earth,

I’m alive, I feel, I have empathy and am conscious of my ability to control the parts of my existence that directly impact my life.

My attitude is at my discretion and can be a power for good to control my emotions, making me a better person than I was yesterday and with the power to recognize and strive to be even stronger tomorrow.

In myself I can believe and control the ability to heal when I’m weak and bloom when I’m strong.

Inside of me is the power to become the person I want to believe in:

To let go of my inhibitions, fight hard for what’s important and pick myself up when it all goes wrong.
To believe in myself, trust in myself, be free with myself and walk to the pathway to peace and clarity of mind.

The things I can control and everyday sees me try to.

YES, I am HUMAN..... and yes, I am..... ALIVE...

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  • Published: April 8th, 2018 09:56
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  • Maxine Smith

    Powerful, positive, Inspirational write. Thank you for sharing.

    • mattlentell

      Thank you Maxine for your kind words.

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