For grandad

I always look to the stars                                          

and check the brightest one,

I whisper how much I miss you

and still love you a ton.

I wish that you were here

with that sparkle in your eye,

why did you have to leave?

I wasn't ready to say goodbye.

I need your wisdom to guide me

and your knowledge to see me through,

but most of all dear Grandad

what I need is you.

I know your there above me

looking down to see we're alright,

I hear your voice in the wind

and dream of you at night.

I've carried on your name

through my darling daughter,

I wish you could have met her

and wonder what you would have taught her.

The angels came and took you

that horrible day back then, 

it still upsets me to this day

as I pick up my pen.

You left 18 yrs ago

to this very day,

god sent the angels to get you

and you were on your way.

My Grandad was suddenly gone

and my life turned upside down,

the smile I once had

then became a frown.

I think of you always

no matter how long its been,

when I need you, I know your there

cos I see you in my dream. 

Till next year Grandad

When I write to you again, 

to pour my little heart out

as I put paper to pen


Copyright Julie Murphy

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