Trippy *trigger warning*

I'm a soul free in my mind but my body is held captive and my life is intertwined with societal rules,
I've adapted to them but only understand a few. Society is in a delusional state and we're only half awake,
if you don't believe it look around it's true. I'm a woman with the blues but at my core I'm
an energy source just searching for clues and I'm so deep into the truth that life's trippy and reality
is getting too slippy to hold on to. Don't know where to go now cause I don't vibe with the city - I want to disappear
into the forests of mother nature so I'll feel less shitty, bit by bit holding onto this whole life thing might
feel less tricky, I don't want an image anymore pretty hippy spirit - one day I'll transcend the thoughts of holding an identity..
want someone to listen to me

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