VAMPIRE’S KISS 💋 💦 (Rated R)


I Can See It In Your Eyes,

Those Lips Are Dying To Touch Mine.

You Want My Hands All Over Your Body,

I Know You Heard I Have A Dirty Mind.

My Body Up Against Yours While My Hands Start To Rub,

You Feel Yourself Drippin’ Wet, I’ll Be The One To Clean You Up.

I Can Feel That Body Shaking, Baby Get Ready For What I’m About To Do,

It’s Drivin’ You Wild Feeling My Tongue, While My Eyes Are Looking Up At You.

Pussy Throbbing, God Damn You’re So Wet,

We’re Going For Rounds And Rounds Tonight, So Don't You Dare Fucking Cum Yet.

Just Bite Onto The Pillow, Hold On I’ll Show You Why They Call Me Insane,

Just Enjoy My Hands Rubbing Your Breasts, While I Enjoy Giving You This Brain.

I Don’t Know What's Going On.. Im Getting Addicted To The Way You Taste,

I Can’t Stop, No I Won’t Stop, I’m Leaving Scratch Marks On Your Waist.

Feel My Tongue Go In, Now Feel It Go Out,

Does It Feel Good Baby? We Got More Shit To Try Out.

Now Relax Beautiful.. Ima Use Your Body To Get High,

You’re Probably Thinking I’m Fuckin' Crazy, But You Know I Make You Feel Alive.

There’s Plenty Of Reasons Why You’re The One I Choose To Keep,

You Know I Love The Vamp Life, We're Up All Night And Never Sleep.

You’re Wondering Why I Get So Nasty, We Already Had This Discussion..

I Love To Tease, That Wasn’t Shit That Was Just My Introduction.

It’s Those Eyes That Make Me Weak,

I Just Wanna See Your Inner Freak.

Now It’s My Turn To Lay Down, See My Face? Now Take A Seat.

Ride My Face Now Tilt Your Head Back, Feel The Rush And Let It Drip,

Feel The Drugs Take Over Your Body, Let Me See You Bite That Lip.

Ride It Fast Then Ride It Slower..

Grab Your Fucking Neck Then Flip You Over.

Put Your Head Down And Don't You Move If You Dare..

I Got Other Ways To Make You Listen Like Bite Your Neck And Pull Your Hair.

I Don’t Think You Ever Imagined That I’d Be This Damn Aggressive,

The Fact That You Can Hold On Got Me Thinking This Girl’s Fucking Impressive.

Leaving Bite Marks Down Your Back Kissing You All The Way Down To Your Feet,

I Hope That Pussy’s Ready 'Cause It’s About To Get Beat.

Now I Want You To Turn Over And Let Me Look Straight Into Your Eyes..

Its Not Just Your Body I’m Into, I Want Your Heart, Your Soul, And Your Mind.

Now Kiss My Lips And Tell Me That You Want More,

You Want Some More Of Daddy, Let’s Take This Shit Down To The Floor.

Spread Your Legs For Me Baby, And Feel One Slip Right On Through,

You’ve Been In Love With My Hands Ever Since They First Touched You.

The Way They Drive You Crazy, The Best That Pussy’s Ever Felt,

Got You Trying To Love Me Now, You Ain't Letting Me Touch Anyone Else.

Tie Me Up Babygirl, Do Whatever The Fuck You Want To Me,

I Know You Like To Take Control Sometimes, Go Ahead Baby.. Blindfold Me.

I Just Wanna Feel Your Body Grinding On Me Nice And Slow,

My Baby’s Looking Beautiful.. Look At My Babygirl Glow.

Glowing Like An Angel, Now Look At My Babygirl Go. 

  • Author: SLY (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 5th, 2018 21:09
  • Comment from author about the poem: An Erotic Dream A Lesbian Has Everytime She Looks Into The Eyes Of The Woman Her Soul Fell In Love With. The Fire That She Feels When Their Bodies Touch, And The Love That Flows In The Air When They Share Their Magic, Right Before This Woman Walks Out That Door Again.
  • Category: Erotic
  • Views: 70
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