Hey Sis, I Know Were Not As Close As Other Sisters Would Be,
Shit I Even Know Half The Time You’re Irritated With Me.

You’re Probably Thinking “A 28 Year Old Dramatic Loser Still Stuck At Home,
With No Life, No Friends, No Job, No Wonder You’re Alone”

Can’t Say That I Disagree,
Fuck, Even I Wouldn’t Want Someone Like Me.

How Do You Think I Feel Waking Up Every Morning?
Knowing Damn Well The Real Problem Here Is The One You’re Ignoring.

You Never Speak Up Much Your Emotions Are Shit You Choose Not To Show,
Maybe You’re Just Good At Hiding Your Pain,
Fuck I Really Wouldn’t Know.

I Admit It Hurts And I Hate The Way You And Dad Bring Me Down..
Never Realized Your Words Suffocate Me Like I’m About To Fuckin’ Drown.

Now Before You Both Think I’m Just Gonna Cry And Give In,
I Brought You Both Here To Look At Me..Now Shut Up And Listen.

Think It’s Finally About Time I Stand Here And Speak Up,
Because If I Hold Anymore Shit In, I Know I’m Bound To Blow Up.

Too Many Thoughts, Have You Ever Wondered Why Me And Dad Dont Get Along?

Ever Notice How He Always Made Me Feel Like I Didn’t Belong?

Always Talked About How He Was Only Proud Of You,
I’d Cry In Front Of His Face, He’d Look Away And Put Me On Mute.

Now Let’s Not Even Bring Up How He Acted When I Finally Came Out,
Had Me Thinking I’d Be Safe Then Got Sent Away.. WTF Was That About!?

Never Have I Ever Felt So Abandoned And Alone,
Couldn’t Stand The Thought Of Him, I Wouldnt Even Speak To Him On The Phone.

Was This The Fuckin Reason I Got Sent Away?
Did He Hate Me That Much Because I Told Him I Was Gay?

Kept Telling Himself That It Was Only A Phase,
But Later On Regretted The Way I Was Raised.

Came Back A Different Person And Thought Everything Would Be Fine,
Nothing Hurt More Than Seeing Your Pic In His Wallet But He Didn’t Have Mine.

For Years I Told Myself That Id Never Be The Way He Was With Me,
Just Wait Until I Have My Own Daughter, I’ll Be The Parent He Could Never Be.

Dad How Do You Think I Feel,

Having To Look At You Right Now When I Haven't Even Healed?

 You Were Never The Type Of Man To Sit, Think And Pray,
But You Sure Got On Your Knees Fast And Hoped That One Day I Wouldn’t Be Gay.

Hey Dad, Did You Ever Once Think That Maybe Your Daughter Really Needed You?
You Went As Far As Telling People You Only Had One Kid, Instead Of Two.

I’ve Left A Picture Behind So That For Once You Can Think Of Me,
But You Just Threw It Into Your Trashed Drawer So That Your New Bitch Wouldn’t See.

I Used To Think That You Wished I Was Pregnant Instead,
But Why Does It Feel Now Like You Wish...
...I Was Dead?

  • Author: SLY (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 4th, 2018 02:37
  • Comment from author about the poem: Wishing There Was A Better Way To Explain To My Younger Sister Why It’s Been A Difficult Time For Me Lately. Why I Never Spoke Up Everytime She Felt It Was Ok To Belittle Me And I Think It’s Time She Finds Out Why I Dont Have A Great Relationship With My Father, How It’s Been Affecting Me And Also Time For Him To Listen As I Let Her Know About The Horrible Way He’s Made Me Feel.
  • Category: Sad
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