Jo Middleton

Never smile again

Sometimes I like to watch
the empty blank walls
If you want you can paint
your canvas on me
Hoping the paint drips down
Waiting for it to dry
But promise you I'll never smile again

And it's hard for to me to breathe
It's why I'm taking leave
So I fly through the skies
Would you like to watch me bleed?
Could it help you to pretend
You never once met me
I swear, I'll never smile again

Hoping you could change your mind
Dig your fingernails
Unto my heart for some time
If you asked me
I would never fall apart
But I am. Broken vase against fragile walls.
And I'll never smile again


  • Fay Slimm

    The sadness of break-up is in every line and really touches the heart with each well-chosen repetition. One to belong in my faves. Joe.

  • smallest_stars

    Just a beautiful way to describe pain from love and I love this line:

    “Broken vase against fragile walls”

    It’s one of those lines that I kick myself for not thinking of to write!

    Good poem!

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