When The World Ends

At community meetings all over the land, Bob Dylan will play the national anthem.  There will be no more jails, courts, or police.  The White House will become a crash pad for anyone who hasn't got a place to stay in Washington.  The world will become one big commune with free food, and housing shared.  All clocks and watches will be destroyed.  All barbers will go to rehabilitation camps and grow their hair long.  There will be no such crimes as stealing because everything will be free.  The pentagon will be replaced by a Z.S.P experimental farm.  There will be no more schools or churches because the entire world will become one big church and school.  People will farm in the morning and make music in the afternoon and ball whenever and wherever they want to!


  • Accidental Poet

    Interesting view Marlena. Great write.

    • marlenawood

      Thanks love I'm glad you all enjoyed this

    • ron parrish aka wordman

      sounds like the new world,,r we ready

    • Lorna

      We can dream can't we Marlena.......

    • tonia_med96

      Very, very intriguing!

      • marlenawood

        Thanks love for enjoying this write.

      • Laura🌻

        This was a joy to read, Marlena!
        I guess we can dream!


        • marlenawood

          Yes ma'am we can thank you love

        • Maxine Smith

          I love this dreamy, intriguing, hopeful piece. The world we could only dream to raise our children in.

        • Syd

          Keep me a seat. Sounds so tranquil

          Great write - Syd

          • marlenawood

            I sure will love and thanks for reading

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