To be beautiful on the outside doesn't mean shit if your an ugly person on the inside. To be ugly on the outside but to be beautiful on the inside is worth more than all the looks in the world.

Superficial beauty doesn’t mean a thing, a beautiful heart shows all the joy it can bring.
Looks and and appearance attracts nothing but lust, the deep inner beauty brings much more, it’s that true deep love.

Sound rupturing against itself to create the perfect image.
Swirling with the hues emitted by the sun.
Painting a living panarama.
An active picture.
No matter the side of the spectrum.
It's beauty all the same.
Just leave it alone.

We snap with a camera, we huddle in a booth. All the while ignoring, the beautiful truth. It’s not what the world sees, it’s all that we hide. The truth of our beauty, is hidden inside. It comes to the surface, through deed that we do. Now look deep inside, how beautiful are you?

Beauty in all forms begins within the heart.

Beauty is a book
To be read by the literate
A pretty cover
Won't help you discover
The value of the words
To be read from it


  • ForeverJesus6

    One may look beautiful,
    but beauty eventually fades.
    Then all you have left is your attitude,
    with your old and nasty ways.
    I would rather have a wife,
    with a beautiful disposition,
    than to have somebody that causes everyone strife,
    and causes me to have a miserable life.

    • marlenawood

      Your right an if you are not happy with your life then you will be miserable

    • Laura🌻

      Beauty is within that front and back cover of that valuable book! Read it from cover to cover! Fine work everyone!


      • marlenawood

        Thanks love an thanks to all

      • Accidental Poet

        Excellent subject Marlena. And equally excellent writing from all.

      • willyweed

        Sorry I missed these was away awhile

        • marlenawood

          It's ok love I've been sick with bronchitis

        • Charles Edward York

          Through these age old I can give a new life I have discovered that beauty is kindness and it’s a lore comes from compassion for all the life around it. The scent of a woman is how is she acts in exchange with others.

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