biologically in love

brianna jean zeiger

when you’re around,

you make me feel all warm inside,


we are warm-blooded mammals,

but you make me feel like

the liquid state

of gallium melting,

at room temperature


when my cornea meets with yours, 

you give me

pre-mature ventricular contractions,


i mean,

you make my heart skip a beat. 

and speaking of hearts,

are you a red blood cell? 

cause you take the oxygen away from my lungs,

and straight to my heart. 

which causes me to 

undergo anaerobic respiration 

because you take my breath away. 

but that’s okay 


the way your major and minor zygomaticus muscles contract,

make my dopamine levels go all crazy... 

i wonder if that’s a dominant or a recessive trait,


i’m working on punnett squares on what 

our offspring would look like,

and basically what i’m saying is,

i want your gametes on the epithelial layer of my...

female reproductive system..

by that i mean,

i want to be close to you. 

like the double-helix strand of a DNA molecule.

you must be the one for me

since my permeable membrane let you through,

and even if my amygdala isn’t fully developed until i’m 23,

you still make my oxytocin levels rise.

i don’t care if this is natural selection,


i selected you,





  • Author: b.j. zeiger (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 6th, 2018 20:35
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • edwinknox

    A nerdy spin on a typical love poem, genius! I loved it

  • Lorna

    This is really brilliant and clever - love it.

  • MP Martinez

    A love poem written scientifically. Splendid.

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