I must be insane.  I'm an old scatter brain.  I'm not safe to anyone or me.   I've become a hazard.  When your dreams have all been broken and the pieces pushed aside.  What else do you have?  Besides the heartbreak inside.  Is there still more dreams to look too?  More plans for the future to make or just more pieces of the heart the futures sure to take.  


  • ForeverJesus6

    That is a sad, hurtful, and sometimes scary thing. All we can do is be resilient, and come back in the same or better way.
    When people burn bridges, all we can do is focus on the Lord, and rebuild them.
    Persistence is key

  • Accidental Poet

    By nature, the heart will always have dreams to build upon. Believe in your dreams, and you'll believe in you.

  • Maxine Smith

    Keep dreaming, dream big, dream heavy, dream of everything, dreams keep you alive.
    All this hurt and sadness is a testament to you, making you stronger, powerful and ready for the next challenge that comes along.

  • marlenawood

    You are all right an this was wrote a while back ago when I had no hope but I have faith an that is what keeps me going guys much love

  • Lorna

    You're young and there will be plenty of dreams to come! By the way, did you "paint" on those stitches and cuts or were they real? (If that is you, which I think it is?)

    • marlenawood

      Oh no that's a Snapchat filter babe an ur right I'm young yet I feel so old lol

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