Seasons War

The King of winter drops to his feet
Queen Spring is here with her armardarous fleet
Undoing the decay that winter brings
Bringing in life as you hear the birds sing

Evidence of battle still lies in the shadows 

Mounds of snow in the cold dark fallows
But the queen is quick with her paint and quill
Colours of the rainbow over the land she does spill
Animals jump and run all gay
But beware the king for he will have his say
We need to get to May before we hold him at bay
Prince Summer arrives on his chariot of sun
Shooting warmth from his powerful gun
Baking the earth like a gigantic cake
With an appearance that seems rather fake
Beware the brown lady the winter King’s daughter
Planning revenge and orchestrating slaughter
Princess autumn will pave the way
Stripping trees and blowing them away
Clearing the land of beautiful life
Bring in decay with trouble and strife
The King he sits not far away
His time is coming and he wants his pay
His beautiful daughter has made him proud
Ready for the land to wear his shroud


  • Bibbeck

    All I can say is "Wow!"
    So vivid and feeling of the seasonal 'battle. Gives me hope that the last 6 months of cold will be killed-off by the Queen of Spring soon.

    You might be interested to read my
    'Autumnal' and 'Snowy Day'.

    • grange_m

      Thank you, I shall have a look.

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