Inside My Closet

Maxine Smith

Inside my closet,
What will i find?
Past of me,
Dressed in disguise.
Old photos so pure of mine,
Looking at those innocent eyes
World yet to experience,
Eager start a life,
Did I ever imagine,
Who I’d be tonight.

Inside my closet I wonder who I want to be
My clothes can disguise and change me
Do I wear something trashy, classy or sporty?
Or dress in something nice that I’d wear if I’m going to a party
My closet is full of wonders to change depending on occasion or feeling
To make myself more confident and even more appealing

Inside my closet hangs a suit for each day
Not a for my body and for the mood I display
The clown suit is happy it comes with a laugh
The pinstripe is serious it comes with a graph
The suit of armour is for battle, to step into the fray
The wet suit is is drying, it's the one I take on holiday
My ghillie suit is for silence when I don't want to be seen
I can't show you the last one as you'll do nothing but scream....

NEAT Suits ~ Everyday
STYLES for Work & for Play
I like Dark Gray Suits for Work
DOVE Gray with bright shirts for Play
Even "Other Shades of Gray" for Nighttime Play!
MUCH MALE Fashion & Passion ~ Is
YOUR Closet full of Dead Fashion Memorabilia?
COATS 'n 'ATS you'll never wear
LITTLE SEXY numbers ~ no longer fit
OMG How I laff at some of my outfits !
SKINNY JEANS ~ Boffer Boots ~ Stressed Jeans
EVENING SUIT 28 waist for the School Prom ~ and
TIES ~ Every colour of the RAINBOW ~ Nobody wears a TIE !

Inside my closet a world only I know
Many secrets it holds
Words left unsaid with lies I have told
Feelings! Oh No!!
Shhhhhh, Keep those doors closed!
Emotions are kept neatly folded over there beside my Lacey underwear
Thoughts of loneliness and despair
Racks upon racks broken
With no hope for repair
inside my closet they will remain hidden along side my warm woolen mittens

I must fold my clothes and organize my closet
It’s bursting at the seems with its annoyance
Fold my misery and find where I can deposit it
Fold my anguish, drawer it with flamboyance
Take out my joy and place it aside
Take out my delight and place it on the bed
Tomorrow we wear our new clothes with pride
We will wear what makes us happy instead

Inside my closet I cover my locket with my hand knowing that only me sees what I see. Dress me, uncover me and caress me with your love for you are my soul I don't want anyone to know. I hide you in my closet because you can't been seen. Only by me and no one believes.

Inside my closet are thousand lies
Variety of happiness, sorrow and cries
Buried under the neatly fold dress are my masks
Securely hidden afraid it would be basked
All the things I don't want to see
I kept it all in the closet and let it be
But one day if I need to be the other me
I'll just open my closet and from reality I'll flee

In side the closet a part of me waits
the door is held open by undying faith
That people won't drop me and leave me to die
that no one will stop me from living my life
To know I am lucky, more lucky than most
not a bit of resistance, well, almost
My friends all accept me
my family doesn't know
a plane of reality
stuck behind the closet door

Look into the closet and what do you see?
Many persona’s, do they still fit me?
Red hot dress, giving some sass?
Conservative black suit, to show some class?
Any of these fit my mood right now?
Il grab my pyjamas and go sit on the couch.



    CONGRATULATION MAXINE ~ On another completed FUSION ~ you have a magic touch ! Loved every contribution ~ never knew MPS Members kept so many things in their closets ~ a REVELATION ~ Poetic Hugs ~ BRIAN @@@

  • pots-and-pans

    Yees I love how we all took it in in different directions

    • Maxine Smith

      A fab finished product for sure.

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