Call It What You Will

Amplify the reasons why
And never try to go alone;
The haunting tone of my voice
Like a phone call from the grave
Speaks of grave tidings to come.
The dumb will speak negatively
Of the blind whom wish to see
And the blind will repetitively
Bat their eyes at numbness
Attracted like moths to a flame
And they're burning all the same.

Yes they are all the same
Devastation is what remains
For they seek to loosen those chains
There soul cannot be tamed
Call it what you will, to them itโ€™s all the same.

The burning moths talk of seeing;
For seeing is believing, but their sight
Is blighted by the pessimism of optimism
Poor organisms of unfortunate fragility
Lacking the agility to dodge fate
Mirages of elated integrations
Into a segregation of former and future
Pervasive perversion.

Call them what you will
Grand things are small things
In the scheme of things
Call them what you like
Tears of joy or tears of pain
Return together in the rain

The blind can see more than one who can. To hear an feel your surroundings are beautiful but yet quite frightening for the blind can't see what they can see. Strong and optimistic, and the blind is never the wicked who will always have something negative to say when the blind is the one who is positive for they love life and have much strive for all humanity.

Could you believe that the blind could one day see?
That the deaf and the lame could Run to Hear the mute sing?
Maybe the dumb would start to speak blessings
And the angry could wish good tidings
I would even say that I believe that the pessimists optimism could set him free...
Could it be?


  • Terthas

    Looks good guys. Our evil beginning and hopeful end plays out like a classic cliche. I am proud of this, y'all should be too. :)

  • Terthas

    Whoever wrote "Tears of joy or tears of pain, return together in the rain" kudos! I love that line.

  • Maxine Smith

    Awsome finished piece.

    • Terthas

      Thanks for participating!

      • Maxine Smith

        Always ๐Ÿ˜€ you may have to inbox me again when you put another out. I seem to miss most fusions lol

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