Instruction Manual


Parents are like our instruction manuals. They show us how to be successful in the world. If we read closely and look at the pictures, instruction manuals do the same. They show us how to build furniture or operate some sort of technology. We need instructions in order to be successful in whatever we want to do. But what if the instruction manual is in a different language? You open up your instruction manual for life, and it’s in Chinese. You can this problem in many different ways. You could just guess by looking at the pictures. The pictures can be helpful, but the whole point of them is to explain what’s going on in the text. That’s like watching your parents’ example but never understanding why they do what they do. You could use a translator, which is just using another person to interpret your parents’ teachings. That method can be rocky because the translator won’t be able to translate everything perfectly considering it’s coming from two different languages. The last option, you could just get a new manual. Find an instruction manual in your language, or in other words, find a role model who can teach you what your parents can not. 

  • Author: ruby.e (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 9th, 2018 21:38
  • Category: Short story
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