What’s in my mind?

I feel around inside my mind
I swirl my probes around in my grey matter
Happy memories of my dog, I find
But that happiness starts to scatter
What returns is my sadness and my voices
Dancing their dance in my brain
They leave me few choices
But to develop a migraine

Erm - not a lot!
Me brain cells have gone on holiday
I dunno when they will be back!
Well, two of them stayed at home
To keep each other company!

My head has been over the clouds
As my heart still keeps on beating loud
Even I'm working myself to death
It seems my mind don't want to forget
Oh well I'll let it go today
For I know it will not stay

Struggling to find the right words to describe the dark void of my mind. It's as if evolution is working, violently jerking, creation in rewind. Self destructive behaviour, an atheist, but I wish Jesus Christ to be my saviour. Without faith I am blind.

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