As I stick the needle into my vein

Fuck knows why I am doing this again
Going on a trip to the unknown

Like a dead bird that has never flown


Down the deep dark alleys I see a tree

And somehow it's talking to me
I respond with laughter tears and pain

The black clouds open with spiky rain


My body heavy and wet I fall through the ground
Screaming with fear but there is no bastard around

My heart pounding with red sweat from my pores

With dark visions my head is cracking and so sore


I am pulled away with the speed of light

Looking up at patchy skies with stars so bright

Back in my bed with knotted sheets on the floor
I struggle for the needle as I need more


  • Resa71

    I’ve never used Intervenous drugs.
    However, I once had a roommate who was a recovering heroine addict.
    She once told me that “ heroin leaves a hole in your heart, A void that can never be filled “
    Anyway, Awsome write!

    • kitcat

      Thank you Resa for your nice comment
      Yes I agree drugs destroy lots of peoples lives so sad

    • tepo

      Nothing worse than a lonely trip
      Great write
      Esp as a non user
      Must be very observant
      Glad I stumbled on your writing

      • kitcat

        Thank you for your superb comment I have never touched drugs but I always try, and say try, to get into someones head (maybe I am just nosey ha ha) I love to study people and feelings thank you again

      • Syd

        Hi Kitcat. The title drew me in straight away and what a great poem.

        "I respond with laughter tears and pain

        The black clouds open with spiky rain"

        I loved those lines. Despite the impression you may get from some of my poems I have never used intravenous drugs, or anything as a addictive as crack/heroine. If I did though then I'm sure I could relate to this piece. Brilliantly written. I look forward to reading more from you later.

        - Syd

        • kitcat

          Oh! Thank you so much for placing into one of your favorites your a star 🌞

        • kitcat

          Hi Syd
          Thank you for your great comment well appreciated I will get round to reading some more of your great ones
          Myself I have never touched drugs I just try and get into peoples minds when I write, whether dark or humour etc but like I told you, I do love deep and dark stuff always have its different

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