Where does strength come from in the face of adversity, during those times when you must struggle to gain back control of the ability to heal and move forward when all around you seems lost.

We can never be free from adversity nor can we know when it will strike out of nowhere, with impudence, uncaring and unbending of the impact, it will present in our lives.

Adversity does not care about your feelings, or how you will react, it simply is, it simply exists, and left unchecked it will grow, burn, and consume you.

Honesty is the key that opens the door, which leads to the road, which leads to control and a life worth fighting for.

Honesty to accept who you are and the mistakes you have made, the love you have for others and the compassion and strength you have within you to offer.

Honesty to look at adversity and the problems it throws in your path as just another way to improve your life and take pride in your worth.

If is so often a case of not “if” but “when” adversity will strike, as once again the one chosen path splits into the many paths, all of which seem dark and unfriendly.

At times such as these inspiration and motivation can be hard to find, even harder to accept, as you look deep within yourself and question your values, Strengths, weakness and commitment to move forward.

It takes strength, and courage to overcome and succeed in the face of adversity, to continue internally fueling your desire to be better than you were before.

I do not judge myself by how many times adversity has seen me fall down on my knees and fail in this life. Instead I judge myself on my honesty and the truth of how many times I have learnt from my mistakes, picked myself up, dusted myself off and my chosen ability to come back stronger than I ever was before.

Believe in yourself, in your love, in your strength and convictions:


“Fortitudin Vincimus” “By endurance we conquer “

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  • Published: April 10th, 2018 17:57
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