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Life Is Like A Bicycle

Life Is Like A Bicycle


Life is like a bicycle

Moving forward and never back

And on a banana seat one finds

Life is a balancing act


We peddle the wheels round and round

As we struggle up the hills

A loss of stamina can slow one down

And make us question our wheels


At times our tires are nearly flat                                                                                                                  

And we need a little air

To bring our needed endurance back

To travel most anywhere


Other things do sometimes fail

As when our chains come off

It takes the wind from our sails

And our lives screech to a stop


Our handle bars give us control

And steer us down winding roads

We try to pop a wheelie sometimes

Having fun while we roll


  • yellowrose

    ha ha ,, yes, life is like a bicycle...sometimes the ride is easy and plain sailing, other times its too much of a struggle. nicely done :-) i enjoyed, i love the idea here

    • w c

      Thanks yellowrose! Here's to an easy ride.

    • orchidee

      A fine write w c. Have stabilisers, or use a tricycle sometimes! If I hear that expression once more on a quiz show ;' And then the wheels started to come off.....' I shall go mad! It's when they're not doing so well in answering the questions. lol.

      • w c

        Thanks, orchidee. Stabilizers and tricycles are also good.

      • Lorna

        Love it - always loved my bike - but you didn't mention "bicycles for two"! That can be fun!

        • w c

          Thanks Lorna. I've never experienced a bicycle for too. It sounds like fun.

          • Lorna

            Neither have I - just in songs...... two people who had better be in sync!

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