Light And Shade

Maxine Smith


Our radiant, beaming, delightful sky

Releasing the passion hidden inside


Bursts of laughter beneath those blossom trees

Breathe that cool summer breeze of life’s sheer bliss 


Sunshine is shining, rays warm to the touch

Fresh and ready to assume happiness 


For each light, there is a dark gloomy shade 

Shadows swallow you with the cloudy rain


Pain surrounding you like sooty black air 

gasping to breathe, in dispare for relief 


Feeling fearful, can you survive this storm

Much self doubt, will you fail to make it out 


For each light and shade there’s a lighter grey 

No sun and no rain, no deep darkest day


No matter how bad life may seem to be

Its vital to take light in with the shade


Cherish the sun as you’v lived through the rain 

Breathe in the love and exhale with the pain

  • Author: Miss M S Smith (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 11th, 2018 11:40
  • Comment from author about the poem: Life’s an uphil challenge, so many dark days, but they are there to test you. Make you stronger. To be better. To appreciate the good when it’s here, to not take for granted our loved ones. The pain grounds us and pushes us, to thrive and be the best we can be. Letting the bad in with the good is what’s needed to move forward.
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    Thanks for sharing MAXINE ~ Love your photo and the lip stud ! Looks like a perfect Beauty Spot and I'm sure it makes your kisses memorable ! I like the structure of the Poem ~ Balanced and separated couplets give it elegance and flow ~ nice to read and even more lovely to recite ! Love the Light & Shade in the poem expressing "Life as it is experienced" I like that you have used different structures in your couplets ~ BLANK VERSE (1 3 4 8) END RHYME (7 9) and INTERNAL RHYME (2 5 6) ! This makes it a Classic and improves the Rhythm & Flow . Thanks for sharing a GEM ~ Hugs BRIAN !

    • Maxine Smith

      Oh wow what a lovely response. Thank you so much, was really nervous about this one. Thank you so much for your help too - your a poetic genius.

    • Christina8

      Beautiful poem! I especially love the last couplet--to be sure, the last line. It's so true! Thanks for sharing your poetry with us! Great pic!

      • Maxine Smith

        Thank you Christina, really appreciate your feedback.

      • orchidee

        A dazzling write Maxine - well, that yellow is anyway. Can't see a thing now! heehee. ooh.

        • Maxine Smith

          Haha blinded with Sunshine ☀️

        • kevin browne

          ah, it's the love of light that keeps the flame alight and enjoys the merry-go-round-of-life so much. I love your adoration of writing such a beautiful poem. As toward the dark bits of life there appears a perpetual motion of both the shadier side to life and the brighter side alike. they have opposite effects and you have covered that really well. This is an eye catcher, just like your photo. good work!

          • Maxine Smith

            Thank you so much Kevin, really appreciate your feedback, very glad you like it.

          • Fay Slimm.

            Such good advice in this admirable verse with its dark-light comparisons for readers to think on - I love that final couplet - well done.

          • ron parrish aka wordman

            sweet words of love

          • Goldfinch60

            Very good write, we all have dark days but as long as we can see the light we have something for which to aim.

            • Maxine Smith

              Exactly, thank you Gold.

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