Faces in the sand.  Wind blows away the grains making different pictures.  Not the same, see the grains, brown on to different plains.  Nothing's new, nothings old.  It makes the soul grow cold.  See the heartbreak.  Feel the pain.  No more love.  Nothing's the same.  Lonesome and lost help me find my way.  No one to turn to.  My minds in a daze.  Turn to myself is the only way! 


  • Maxine Smith

    A lovely emotive write. When your feeling like ‘nothing’ is happening for you, just coasting through life. Suffered all the sadness and now just existing.
    ‘Nothing is ever the same’ sometimes I wish I could go back to happier times. Then I realise I wouldn’t have my little babies by my side.
    Hope you feel the love again. Your writing is beautiful.

    • marlenawood

      Girl yes an that's why I live today because of my kiddos! They are the air in breath and thanks love

      • Maxine Smith

        Your welcome Hun.

      • ForeverJesus6

        I like this poem. It can feel hard sometimes when nothing is the same. Sometimes it seems like there is a lost of security. Then you realize the blessings you have.

        • marlenawood

          Your right and I'm blessed everyday thanks love for enjoying

        • ron parrish aka wordman

          it comes and goes,but it will be back

        • orchidee

          A fine write M. I want no more love! It only makes me swoon! heehee. (I want it really lol).

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