Beach Dineing

here i an on this beach

to the cooler i reach

i need something

to quench my thirst

guess i'll try a soda first

the sand is hot

like the day

what else do i got

to make me stay

anything good to eat

i'll try a salomie sandwich

or some other kind of meat

when the day is over

i will go home

write this poem

and be a dozer


  • Nicholas Browning

    hah, a very nice chuckle at the end.

    • onepauly

      you are here and so am I.

    • blast219

      i like the humor in the last line really made me smile

    • Lorna

      Well you've made me jealous for a picnic on the beach!

      • onepauly

        I would like to take you one fine day.

      • Maxine Smith

        Made me smile, definitely shows your humour.

        • onepauly

          ha! ha!
          humour is a good tool.

        • FineB

          Thanks onepauly.

          Simply lovely.

          After having watched an excellent Commonwealth Games from the Gold Coast in Australia I wish I was somewhere tropical certainly after reading your poem.

          Keep writing

          • onepauly


          • Gary Edward Geraci

            Life is good from the perspective of this poem onepauly; life indeed is a blessing and your poem captures the sentiment of a life lived well -

            • onepauly

              every time I ponder this poem. I burst out laughing. ha! ha! ha!

              • Gary Edward Geraci

                The best response there is to joy!

              • kitcat

                Great poem really enjoyed it I had to smile at the end didn't expect that

                • onepauly

                  thanks zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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