How Do You Like It?!

Maxine Smith

I like how its warm and caresses my lips
Sweet heaven inside me, with every last bit
Swallow with release as that taste is so sweet
My desires fulfilled with this ultimate treat
Caramel hints with that chocolate touch
Cream on the top but not too much
How do you like your coffee
I like mine sweet as can be

I like it - a pork pie or three
And some sherry - not watered!
But I want it both ways
Cos I will water your whisky - or whatever tipple you have
Or -I like it - a nice pot of tea
And a slice of cake
Or - more tea Vicar?
With cucumber sandwiches!

COFFEE ~ Wakes up ~ Perks up
ONE of Natures most perfect beans
FIRST thing in the morning ~ COFFEE
FRESH GROUND and fresh brewed ~ Utopia
EVERY DAY should start with it sweet & black
EVERY DAY should finish with HOT SWEET CHOCOLATE !
Thanks for visiting please add your COFFEE POEM !

Dense, heavy, something to weigh you down.
Sugary, maybe 3.
Coffee's okay, but for me,
It's tea.

I don't drink coffee; my name ain't on no coffee cup.
I won't join the Tea Party, like Peter Griffin would.
I drink Earl Grey, because is sure tastes good;
So you can love your coffee,
But I don't need another Starbucks.

I would prefer a caramel macchiato
but I'll take it however you got it
I would prefer it with some sugar
The sweeter the better!
Caffeine PLEASE! :-)

Where would I be without you my Joe
My good friend that awakens me so
With my morning optimistic soon
'til I need you again 'round noon

I like mine black like liquorice with a sprinkle of tumeric spices, it spikes my coffee high , I even drink it at night,why? cause I'm a ravaging coffee addict, never tip over my pot, I'll also take a cherry on top, sweet not, I need a fix cause bustello knows my hot spot.

Of course to drink, you don’t have to think!

Oh yes! Wake me from the dreams
Set me afloat in a see of caffeine
Chocolate mocha, salted caramel too
Thinking about it makes me want to drool
Don’t wanna sound to lame
But coffee runs through my veins
Wether I’m on task or chillin and what not
Give me a java cold or hot


  • marlenawood

    Coffee is my drug lol aww so late on this one babe much love

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