First Impressions

This atheistic, intelligent, liberal minded
nonestablishmentarian christened Matthew
Scott Harris, haint gotta clue,

how bias, discrimination,
prejudice didst brew
within me noggin admitting to myself,

(that though tolerant

towards most other people)
amidst variegated hue
mankind cutting crew,
I can not wholeheartedly dislodge un argue

ably the stubborn presence
of disagreeably unwanted notions,
an effort quite few
till to expunge, though not clearly

delineated against gentile nor Jew
the latter encompassing
my genealogical lineage
(as ye probably knew)

though acute awareness exists
that objectionable thoughts
towards others coalesced and grew,
sans initial aural, sensational,

and visual perceptions did ensue
from nearly imperceptible
germinal, ephemeral, and casual
brief interactions, thy
amygdala and,

posterior cingulate cortex
(PCC) instantaneously drew
nearly nsync with a single blink
of thine myopic left or right human eye

(which average duration 0.1 to 0.4 seconds,
or 100 to 400 milliseconds)
forged an unconscious initial mount'n view

clocked in at 100 milliseconds

or 328.0839895013123 feet per second
pointing asper an expert mason
hermetically sealing a psychic impression
ala mortise and tenon

amalgamated conglomerate
enterprise glommed zoo
wool logical imprimatur difficult,

but not impossible loo
sin and/or completely dislodge

neurological hullabaloo.




  • Maxine Smith

    Cleverly written. Good write.

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