What is love to you?

Love so full of energy
Sets hearts pounding at first site
Lovers recognise their own
As souls unite, ignite, take flight
Trusting forever in one another
Open to carry each other’s hearts
Never looking for another
Their love will guide them through the dark

Many a man
Scoffs at the thought of being a romantic
But love for one woman
Will be his biggest weakness
While also his greatest strength

‘Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing’
Love is feeling the feeling
you’ve never felt before.
The willingness to share
the highs and the lows.
Love is reconciling with
the one you let go
forty-five years ago
for a simple misunderstanding.
Oh, yes...
I almost forgot...
Love is seven points in Scrabble...
Did you forget?

Love is like a river rushing to it's destiny
From deep inside my heart, it calls to me
From the first look at my darling babys
To the look in my husbands eyes, it sets me free
Love is everywhere if you just have the time
It's one of those things that makes life sublime

Sometimes I think I know
All my feelings to you I will show
Then my feelings will change
Realisation that LUST isn’ the same
I imagine the feeling is something you can see
Grasp you so much that you barely breath
An honest, raw companionship, delicate to touch
I long for this feeling to find me, no such luck


  • LittleGift

    Thanks so much everyone, it is lovely to read all your thoughts on love. May we all feel the joys love can bring in life. For it is found in sometimes the smallest of things. Love holds no boundaries. Lots of love to you all ❤️

    • Andrew Guzaldo


      “She absorbed everything within my soul,
      Like the ocean plummets a sailing vessel,
      Ultimate curse that beaconed procurement of fire,
      As the estuary coalesce in the inclement sea,

      Cognizance of her always emanates as if surrounded,
      I have been forlorn as the tide crashes upon the reef,
      Heart mutilated my enervated spirit limp and distraught,
      My face cannot hide the perception of loves deceived,

      Like frigid perennials fallen upon my dormant heart,
      Now seems as expelled from the beaks of songbirds,
      And from celestial thoughts to an abyss of detritus,
      Maybe I may never shine again or love again as once,

      How terrible and brief was my desire to her!
      I have built a bulwark around my sentiments
      How difficult and drunken, how tensed and avid.
      Although desires and bulwark aligned my being,
      It is but a vellum of a falsehood of my,
      Existing Desires”
      By AG 20/04/2018 ©

      • LittleGift

        Wow Andrew you expressed such great depth to love, clearly your heart has breathed love in its purist form. Sadly you sound scard by it. I hope one day you meet someone deserving of your love and who helps your heart feel the courage to breakdown walls and take a chance.

        I built up walls, it did me no good. But it is so hard to allow yourself to be vulnerable again. But sometimes when that right person comes along you just know. And nothing else then matters. Not even past pains. I hope love finds you again.

        An amazing write :)

      • marlenawood

        Oh no I was to late!! Sorry I've been sick with bronchitis love good write

        • LittleGift

          Ooh I hope your feeling better now ❤️ Hugs

          • marlenawood

            I'm getting there babe it's the coughing afterwards that's a bummer but I'm ok 🙂 promise love

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