Oh my dear sweet charlotte

You drench yourself in sin

 tracing your pretty fingers

Over ugly scars again

Are you here

Or have you gone and left somewhere

With your secrets all in tow

Are you happy with the emptiness

You left in me to grow..

I see it in your pretty eyes

You've left me once again

I wish that I could bring you back

I wish that I knew when

I wish I knew what takes your hand

And leads you far away

Deep inside that pretty mind

You retreat and there you stay

I long to touch the wildness

I'd never dare to try and tame

Wild as the appalachian hills

Where mama gave you that sweet name

You're beauty is horizon lines

In trading night for day

All the pretty colors...

wish you saw yourself that way

But I'm looking in your eyes right now

And I can't find you inside

I wish that you'd come back to me

And didn't have to hide

Don't you know you're so beautiful

Don't you know you're not alone

If I could I'd take those tangled vines

And weave for you a throne

I don't know what you're thinking

inside that labyrinth in your head

But I know that it has swallowed you

And to somewhere you have fled

I wish that I could burn the past

That seems to haunt your dreams

I'd burn it down like an old house

But it's much too big it seems...

I wish that you would talk to me

I wish that you'd come home

I'd wrap my fingers round those fists

And help you let it go...

Whatever you go back to

Whatever pulls you in

When you trace your pretty fingers

Over ugly scars again

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