Do You Have A Secret?!

Maxine Smith

I have a secret
I cannot keep it
It lives inside me
To some it might be frightening
I could tell you in this verse
BUT I’d have to kill you first!!

I have a secret I need to keep
I keep it hidden in me deep
And if you ask what may it be
I will not tell, I will keep it sealed in me
This secret could cause disaster
So I become a secret master

BUZZ ALDRIN ~ A Man who walked on't MOON
Is recruiting a TEAM to travel to MARS
They hope to be lifting off the EARTH SOON
Single People not MAS and PAS !
It's a ONE WAY TRIP (if we arrive)
The first one is scheduled 2025 !
MY SECRET is this I'd love to GO
But don't tell ANGELA she doesn't KNOW
They'll need PHYSIOTHRAPISTS in the CREW
So I'll only GO if she GOES too !
She might say NO ! She might say MAYBE
Perhaps our CHILD ? Is the FIRST MARTIAN BABY !
This is GREAT FUSION ~ Please add your SECRET !

My secret, I slipped and once told
Never again too hard to hold
Was spread like fire to places of fate
I wanted it back but alas too late

My secret is not my own
Yet still it’s me she told
I can’t keep it inside my head
To others I will secret shed
Word vomit with her news
She stole her Jimmy choos

Forever I whispered my secret to you
That from the stars you were born too
And you would shine and forever dance
Knowing the universe has given that chance

GOD makes some TWINS
EXCITING 'cos always a Friend
MY SECRET is I was born TWINS and
I didn't know it till my MUM told me
NORMAN died ~ when he was FOUR MONTHS ~ SO
I always knew (and still do) somebody was missing !

What good a world without secrets?
Even the universe has to keep its..
Is there life out there?
Can we travel through time?
Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine.
Many a secrets lay in my archive,
How many? That's another secret of mine..

Secrets aren’t always black and white
Some often caught up in a white lie
Saving the hurt from past mistakes
Who am I kidding, lies are just to save face
-x-Be open be true, secrets catch up to you -x-

I don't think I have any secrets
But I've learnt some secrets of success
Yet perhaps we don't remember
All the contents of our closets
Where things can be a such a mess
The secret of success is to believe in God
Heaven is surety not mere guess.
And God knows all our secrets .
Just adding to Maxine smith's great super fusion theme,
Take care pal.

My secret is gold
It remains untold
In my brain I shall hold
Until I choose to unfold
Coz it’s a heavy load
You’l be dragged to your low
As it’s me who you owe
My secret is gold
And il watch you unfold
You reep what you sow
My secret is GOLD


  • marlenawood

    Arghhh lol I missed out but I'll comment my verse

  • marlenawood

    Secrets hmmm yes many I have. I know that some are very bad but words unspoken is how I keep it. I don't gossip to whomever who will be the one that leaks it. Haunted by the memories of secrets I won't ever tell but it's my choice so go to hell.

  • Maxine Smith

    Love it Marlena ☺️ Awsome finisher

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