Disrespectfully nice



I love to cause people to have jealousy

Making them mad at how god has been blessing me

Praying for my downfall cause I'm something they'll never get and never be

Just out in the world causing problems with everything

The way they scream my name behind my back is so deafening

But I admit that I love it I'm so high above it

And just know that you hating won't fuck up my budget

But the real question is why

I mean there are 24 hours in a day and at the end we are all going to die

Is this how you really wanna waste your life

Bitches out here mad at a man because she didn't make the cut and she is not his wife

Bitch your so petty my life shining whiter and brighter than Betty and your pissed because your not next to me

You need to stop with your jealousy


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